Bigger Problems in Askalon

Hello and Welcome to Wall Market

Plan B should've been Plan A

After having the curse removed from their friend Sigby and sampling the…services offered by the Temple of Aeraqura, the party returned to the palace and discovered that they had a little extra time on their hands when a message from Prince Ranior advised their departure would be delayed by two days. It still being early in the day, everyone went their separate ways to run their own errands or see to their own amusements. Camael went to stock up on arrows from the royal fletcher, Sigby started in on his tour of the local taverns, bars, and inns to write his travel guide (?) or something like that, Ulrek went to eat breakfast in the middle of the afternoon, Dan sent a letter and then went wandering around in the bowels of the palace looking for the prison instead of asking someone, and Rolas probably did something too.
After purchasing his arrows, Cam realized he stupidly didn’t bring Ulrek so he could stow them in the bag of holding, so he went looking for Ulrek carrying a large bundle of arrows until he found him eating his breakfast. Returning to the palace, Camael and Rolas went to the library and found a formula to enchant Cam’s shield and provide him better defense. Finding they didn’t have the necessary supplies, they decided to head back out and discovered Dan searching for the prison in the palace. Asking one of the servants, it was determined the prison was not in the palace, but actually somewhere else entirely. The three collected Ulrek, but not Sigby because they couldn’t find him, and went to the prison. After a short debate about whether or not to break into the prison, it was decided they would not do that and instead ask to see Teagan the Broken Wheel bookkeeper. Unfortunately, Teagan had already been transferred to an island prison the day before and was no longer in town. After that disappointment, the party, still minus Sigby, went to pick up supplies at [[Sorthen’s Sorcery Source]]. Some quick bargaining later, and Camael and Rolas left with the supplies they needed for their projects.
Deciding they should stop by to visit Fritz and see what he needed, the party tried to find Sigby, then gave up and went to see Fritz at his office without him. Fritz told the party of a new group creating their own market and undercutting the guild prices. However, the products they sold were cheap, likely foreign made, and in some cases actually harmful to people. This “Wall Market” was run by an angry gnome with an orange complexion and suspiciously tiny hands named Content Not Found: covfefe. Dumb name that sounded like it was made up by an idiot aside, Covfefe had been holding rallies to rail against the guilds and even the government of Rhaetia. Fritz asked the group to investigate Covfefe and the Wall Market to prove they were involved in illegal activities so the guard would shut them down. He also suggested burning it down, but that was obviously the notorious halfling humor and not a real suggestion of the course of action he clearly wanted the group to take.
Leaving Fritz’s office, the party determined to find Sigby and investigate the Wall Market. Unfortunately, none of the party came anywhere close to finding Sigby despite the fact that he is extremely loud and plays an enchanted instrument that is also an axe. Returning to the palace, the group planned to wait for Sigby, since he had to come back eventually, right? Meanwhile, Sigby was greatly enjoying himself and found a new favorite establishment at the Swanky Tavern. After eating and drinking his fill, Sigby began to play Thundercracker and attracted several female companions (though he used magic, so it was kinda cheating, don’t you think?), and decided to bring them back to his room at the palace. Rolas used his owl familiar to spy on Sigby and his entourage as they approached the palace and it was decided to wait a little while and then magically soil Sigby’s bed so they could go check out the Wall Market, which does actually close at night.
Seeing there was a guard patrol, Dan turned into a cat and Rolas turned Camael invisible in an effort to sneak inside. Once inside, DanCat irritated a man working on something at a desk while Cam searched for stolen goods similar to those seen when they dealt with the Broken Wheel previously. Cam did discover a ledger with the Broken Wheel symbol on it, but then realized he couldn’t take it because he was invisible and the ledger was not. Rolas, using his owl familiar, pointed Cam to a place to hide the ledger, at which point they tried to sneak out. Unfortunately, Cam alerted the guards, though he was able to escape and rejoin the others since he was still invisible.
Returning in the morning to recover the ledger with a plan that would surely fail, they discovered they didn’t even have time to implement their plan, as there was a mob facing off with the Wall Market guards. Sending the others to defuse the mob, Cam decided to use the distraction as an opportunity to recover the ledger as proof of the connection to the Broken Wheel. The rest of the party, meanwhile, was debating on whether or not to incite the mob into a riot for some reason. Camael rejoined the party just in time for one of the mob to shove a guard, at which point Cam rushed to intervene with even less of a plan than they had started the day with.
Thanks to some quick thinking from Dan and Rolas, and some fog and illusions, the mob was scattered and no one but Cam was hurt in the scuffle. The incident also planted the seeds of a dragon possibly being in the area, intent on terrorizing innocent shoppers. Retiring to a tavern for food and drink and a chance to decipher the ledger, the party was disappointed to discover that it didn’t really give them any useful information. Turning it over to the prince’s guard captain in the hopes they could use it in their ongoing work against the Broken Wheel, the party returned to the Wall Market for a third time.
This time they resolved to be clever about their attempts to question Covfefe. They weren’t. After becoming enamored with the idea of putting Sigby in the bag of holding to pop out and grab Covfefe and pull them both in the bag of holding, they promptly forgot about disguising Camael so he wouldn’t be recognized by the guards. Entering the Wall Market, Cam and Ulrek quickly discovered Covfefe wasn’t around and there plan moot. Then a couple guards recognized Cam from the aborted riot earlier. As Cam was telling Ulrek to get ready to run or defend themselves, Ulrek triggered a shockwave with his hammer, collapsing a nearby tent and immediately drawing the attention of every guard in the market.
As the guards surrounded Cam and Ulrek, their allies debated on whether or not they should actually help, suggesting they might be better off letting them get captured and then rescuing them later. Unfortunately, at this point Cam was tired of this whole situation and incinerated two guards with a well placed Flame Strike, which had the added benefit of starting Plan B, burn it to the ground. Eventually, Cam and Ulrek escaped, Sigby looted a locked box, Dan and Rolas stayed way away from the danger, and the Wall Market was burned down. Retreating once again to a tavern, Sigby used his charming disposition to spread the rumor that a dragon burned down the market, helped by the earlier deceptions. Fritz paid the group and they returned to the palace. The party requested an audience with Prince Brand to hopefully get some more information about the trip to Cordinia and set about keeping a low profile for a few days.
Cam spent his time enchanting his shield, with assistance from Rolas, and nearly completed the project. Sigby returned to searching the bars and enthralling the ladies. Ulrek and Dan did other things too, probably. The meeting with Brand didn’t give too much new information, however they did discover the delay was to accommodate the representative of Belenos from Silverwood, Brother Delstan. This name got a reaction from Camael, and after leaving Brand’s chambers Cam asked the others to speak privately…



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